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Coaching unlocks an individual’s potential for maximizing performance. It is highly effective for uncovering true values and producing the alignment without which optimal performance may never be realized (Leadership Coaching Institute-Fortune Magazine). Coaching principles are timeless and global. They provide a significant bridge from hierarchy to self-responsibility (Whitmore). Coaching involves a collaborative relationship where the coach and the client are equal partners. “Individuals who have been coached have indicated that it has increased their self-awareness, improved their ability to communicate, enhanced job-performance, and developed better relationships with their co-workers.”

Coaching is a method of directing, instructing, and training a person or a group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop a specific skill (Harvard Business Review).

Susan Banke
Susan Banke
Susan Banke, Ph.D., has held various leadership roles in independent education for more than thirty years. Her experiences include teaching, coaching, and administration at secondary and elementary independent schools. She served as Dean of Students and Assistant Principal at Dade Christian School (FL), served as Upper School Principal at Charlotte Christian School (NC) and recently served as Upper School Principal at Whitefield Academy (GA). While working with CoachED clients, Susan is also an associate professor in the Educational Leadership Department at Kennesaw State University (GA). Dr. Banke holds masters and doctoral degrees in Educational Leadership from Barry University. She is an advisory board member for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Cheer Division, and is a board member of the World Children’s Center Academy. Susan was recently asked to become a member of the founding committee for MentorU (CO). This program will provide mentor training and assistance to emerging school leaders at independent schools. Dr. Banke is the founder of Principals 101, an organization of middle and high school principals who meet monthly to improve the quality of education in metro-Atlanta independent schools.
David Tilley
David Tilley
David Tilley, Ed.D., has worked as an educational administrator for more than forty years. He served for ten years as principal and central office administrator for the Cobb County School District (GA) before becoming head of school at Mount Paran Christian School, where he has served for over thirteen years. He has also held positions of Vice President for Student Life at both Lee University (TN) and Houghton College (NY). Dr. Tilley holds his master’s degree from Georgia State University and his doctoral degree from The University of Tennessee. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA), Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the Leadership Studies Program at Kennesaw State University (GA) and on the Board of Directors for Feed My Lambs. He is a co-founder of the Atlanta Christian School Association (ACSA).

CoachED exists to support independent schools and educational leaders in meeting their position-related goals and institutional mission, as well as enhancing personal growth and success.

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CoachED provides educational coaching and consulting services primarily to independent schools, and leadership personnel associated with independent education. CoachED started in the metro Atlanta area, and will expand to serve schools and administrators throughout the Southeast.




CoachED is a partnership of experienced school administrators who are able to provide help and support to schools and educators for ongoing growth and success.

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