How May I Care For You?

How May I Care For You?

I recently, contacted a local business and was greeted with “How may I care for you today?” I was quite taken back with this unusual greeting. You may have experienced this greeting, or perhaps “How may I serve you?” or, “Pleasure serving you.”

Caring and serving are two powerful actions. As a school leader, our actions must reflect an attitude of serving and caring. Consider this question: Can we serve those who we work for without caring, and can we care for our staff without serving? Personally, I believe the two must work together.

There is no doubt you care for your staff but are you fully aware what actions show your staff that you are a caring leader? How would your staff react if you asked them “How may I care for you?” or “How may I serve you?” To understand the staff’s caring perceptions of you, begin by asking your leadership team to offer suggestions how they can be supported by you. You might be surprised by their responses, and it isn’t always about a raise in pay.

Caring actions and efforts are reflections of leading by example. As a school leader, showing your staff how to care and serve others is not only a reflection of a caring community but who you are as a person of character and integrity. Reflecting caring actions provides your staff an example and allows them the freedom and desire to care for those students placed before them.

What are some ways that you show how you care for your staff? What are some ideas you can share with other school leaders that would help them in caring and serving faculty and staff? Please email your comments to

How may CoachED care for you?