Delight In Our Customers!

Delight In Our Customers!

While traveling to Tampa, I took a few moments to review the flight magazine in the chair pocket in front of me. Besides playing sudoku, reviewing creative products to order, and finding out about the best doctors and restaurants in the country, travelers may stumble upon a meaningful article. This particular magazine did not let me down.

Mary Barra, is General Motors, Chief Executive Officer since January 1, 2014. Barra accepted the role of leadership at a struggling corporation, with negative public perceptions, and safety recalls. Her leadership role began by asking questions to employees and customers, on what was and wasn’t working in the organization. Shortly after taking the role as CEO, Barra was subpoenaed by congress. With confidence, Barra responded to questions about problems surrounding safety issues in GM vehicles. She stepped up as the organization’s representative and accepted responsibility that GM had failed its customers. What a delightful and noble trait for a leader of today!

Barra is keenly aware, as we all should be on the importance of consistently valuing and listening to our customers and our employees, even when major distractions come our way. She continues to stay focused on General Motors’s vision to be a global industry leader, improving and correcting all safety features in GM vehicles, and a corporation that serves and honors customers for life.

Barra’s thoughts on her role as General Motors CEO:

Value interaction

>Delight in our customers

>Continue our rich traditions

>Remind ourselves of our core values

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