Ten Practices of Effective Boards

Independent school educators will all agree that positive relationships between the head of school and the board are crucial for schools to be thriving and successful. My dear friend and college professor Dr. Ken Coley has written a book on “Ten Practices of Effective Boards” that will be available in the next few weeks. Although […]

My Coaching Experience

The benefits of being coached by an educational expert are limitless. Coaching has enabled me to recognize and evaluate my strengths as an educator in an encouraging, confidential environment. The hallmark of each coaching session consisted of the coach listening and asking specific questions to enable me to clarify my goals and develop a strategic […]

What do the coaches think?

In November 2011, a group of college professors published in the Journal of Leadership Studies, an article entitled “Perceptions and Outcomes of a Managerial Coaching Certificate Program: Educational Leaders vs. Business Leaders.” The objective of the study was to find out if the same coaching program used to improve performance in the business world could […]

Articles on Coaching

Here are some interesting articles that give a good understanding on the role of coaching. Enjoy! Before You Fire, Hire a Coach and Watch People Excel or Exit Willingly. (2011, November 28) Rachel French. Retrieved from: www.Noomii.com Coaching a Surgeon: What Makes Top Performers Better. (2011, October 3). New Yorker, Atul Gavande. Retrieved from: http://www.newyorker.com […]

GISA Presentation

“Recently, the Georgia Independent Schools Association hosted their yearly conference. One such presentation was: “Educational Coaching for Effective School Leadership.” The following information is some of the information shared at the presentation. C is for Coaching “Coaching will be the model for future leaders” Warren Bennis. It Is… • A word with which you are […]

Did You Know?

The practice of coaching outside the athletic arena may be a new concept for many. But for a number of years the business world has made use of coaching with significant results. Numerous public and independent educational institutions have also used coaching with positive effects for the school and its staff. As educational institutions continue […]

Conversations about Coaching

Expectations of success for today’s school administrator as well as the stress level for running effective schools have significantly increased. As a result, less time spent in collaborating with school administrators for support, growth, and development is taking place. This expectation and the rate of burnout reflect the need of additional support and systematic feedback […]

Columbia University Teacher’s College Study

What about experienced principals? A recent study by Columbia University Teacher’s College Professor Eleanor Drago-Severson studied 25 principals and their method for avoiding principal burnout. She explored the ways principals can renew themselves to prevent burnout, and concluded that the best method is meeting regularly with other professionals to reflect on practice. Only three of […]